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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Macho Taoist Temple Invasion in San Fernando, La Union

Lately, I've been "wanting" to visit a "Chinese-inspired" tourist spot so I thought of visiting Macho Temple in San Fernando, La Union. We have Bell Church here in Baguio City but I find it more exciting "going down" than just taking a La Trinidad-bound jeepney. Despite the rain and the obviously gloomy day due to tropical depression, I packed my things and traveled solo. From Baguio City (via Partas Bus), it took me approximately three hours to reach my destination. Blame it to the ongoing road widening project at Naguilian Road! (See what I mean? I have noticed that we have road construction and widening projects on rainy days. Yes, rainy days!!!)
I had a triumphant trip despite the bad weather courtesy of  typhoon Henry.
"Built in 1975, the majestic Ma-Cho Temple is located in Barangay II, San Fernando, La Union, and is considered and the largest modern Taoist temple outside of China.  The edifice was built by San Fernando City's substantial Chinese community under the leadership of Jose D. Aspiras and Mr. Dy Keh Hio, father of Aldrico Dy. With an elevation of 70 above sea level, the temple is a towering (about 7 stories), 11-tiered, multi-hued attraction on a more than one hectare of lot and accessible by separate routes. Unlike the Cebu's Phu Sian Temple, the Taoist temple, like its counterpart Cebu Taoist Temple is open to the worshipers and non-worshipers alike, especially the Catholics." (Source: Wikipedia)

This way to the temple. If you see these "signs," take the road going up and you'll see the temple's location. 
That's yours truly at the facade of Macho Temple. 
Macho Temple's interior is filled with ancient Chinese decoration and art. According to history, Taiwanese laborers helped in the construction of the temple under late Architect Thomas Diokno .
The three Chinese saints out of eighteen. In the exterior of the temple, the “Chinese 18 Saints" (carved in stone statues) are worshipped at the entrance wall, facing the temple patio made of "tisa" or bricks in circular form.
About Mama Macho. I enjoyed reading this.  Definitely a must-read if you're planning to visit Macho Temple. 
How to go to Macho Temple
From Baguio City, take a bus (Partas is highly recommended) going to Vigan or Laoag and tell the conductor to drop you at the temple or you can drop by at the Town Plaza. Bus fare as of this writing is Php104.00. From the town plaza, take a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you at the temple. Fare as of this writing is Php10.00. If you're coming from Metro Manila, take a Partas going to Loaoag, Vigan or La Union.

(Note: This article is part of my #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines: #ItsMoreFunInLaUnion travel series which aims to highlight, promote and uncover the hidden splendor of La Union, Philippines to the world. Big thanks to Partas Bus Company for making my trip possible!)


  1. great photos! this looks like a very interesting temple!

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