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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Review: Cafe Uno in Vigan City

After almost two hours of nearly non-stop calesa ride and city tour, I felt hungry so I asked the manong driver to bring me to the nearest resto or cafe. Without any second thoughts, he recommended Cafe Uno at Calle Quirino which is only a few minutes ride from Calle Crisilogo. He told me that it is one of the most visited cafes in Vigan, especially in the Heritage Village, so he thought it's best for me to try it. Delighted by what he said, I told him that I'd be glad to check and try the place.

Cafe Uno by Granpa's Inn is a must-visit place in Vigan City.
The Customer Service
I was quickly greeted and welcomed by Cafe Uno's courteous staff when I entered their facility. Needless to say, I was totally delighted by their friendliness, and they are very accommodating. From 1 - 10, 10 being the highest, I'll rate Cafe Uno's customer service "10." I definitely commend Cafe Uno's staff for the excellent service that they have given me during my stay. That was absolutely memorable!

The Food
I'm a pasta-lover so I was pretty much satisfied because Cafe Uno has a variety of Pastas to choose from. The waiter told me that Ham and Mushroom Pasta is their best-seller so I ordered one for myself. And guess that? It tasted so good that I even ate it slowly, tasting every bit of it. Cafe Uno's Ham and Mushroom Pasta costs Php90.00 and it's definitely a must-try pasta if you're planning to visit them. On top of Ham and Mushroom Pasta, I also tried their Ripe Mango Fruit Shake  which is absolutely perfect for the hot weather in Vigan. Because I'm also a cake-lover, I also tried their Black Forest Cake (I should have ordered Blueberry Cheesecake if it's available).

Mango Shake + Ham and Mushroom Pasta.
For my bottomless water. Lol! 
My Black Forest Cake.
The Place
Cafe Uno is beautifully located at #1 Bonifacio Street corner Qurino Boulevard. Due to its obviously authentic Spanish interior and exterior design, I felt like I was brought back to the old Spanish era while enjoying my pasta. It's a place where you can have ultimate relaxation. As mentioned on Granpa's Inn website, Cafe Uno is "a small quaint corner coffee shop inside Grandpa’s Inn, the first in Vigan City. This is the perfect place to meet friends, a place for intimate conversations and a relaxing place to unwind after a hard days work." Cafe Uno is also a wifi-free zone.

The Cellphone Charging Station at Cafe Uno is free. I love it! 
Overall Experience 
My overall experience at Cafe Uno was very satisfactory. I will definitely recommended them. (And,by the way, I love their charging station which is offered free.)

A painting mounted on Cafe Uno's brick walls. Amazing,isn't it?
Cafe Uno in Vigan City is located at #1 Bonifacio Street Corner Quirino Boulevard. For reservations and inquiries,please contact, 09177990121(Cellphone), 077-674-0729(Landline) and 077-632-0987(Fax). For more details and information about them, please like their Facebook Fanpage.

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