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Friday, August 1, 2014

Revisiting Barneys Burger Loakan

If there are two things which make it easier for people to continue revisiting a particular food establishment, I'll say - which I'm pretty sure you will definitely agree - it's because of good food and good customer service. I myself is an avid fan of such. And if you think about (re)visiting a place with legendary burgers plus excellent customer service, then, don't go too far - never too far! You don't need to go as far as Manila or Pampanga to experience great burgers made by cordial and very accommodating staff. Check out Barney Burger Loakan in front of Texas Instrument at PEZA Compound, Loakan Road, Baguio City. They had their grand opening four days ago.

With my fellow Quality Analysts during our visit at Barneys Loakan yesterday.  In this photo (l-r): Lou, Aaron, Yours Truly and Ms. Audrey Mendoza. Thank you Ms. Mendoza for the warm welcome. 

My first gastronomic adventure at Barneys Loakan was pretty much a rewarding one so I thought of revisiting them - but not alone anymore. Good thing Lou and Aaron asked me to join them two days ago. Lol! And because I can't get over Barney's Classic Fully-loaded Burger (I swear this one tastes real good and I learned earlier that it's Barneys best-seller), I got another one for myself on top of the Junior Burger.

"Cheesy, juicy and yummy," says Aaron when I asked him how's his Supreme Fully-loaded Burger. 
Lou's  Barney's with TLC.
My all-time favorite and Barneys best-seller Fully-loaded Classic Burger. This one is absolutely irresistible and highly recommended, especially for those who haven't tried yet.

A best-seller: Barneys Classic Fully-loaded Burger. 
A Barneys gastronomic adventure is definitely incomplete without this:
Fries! Lou said this one tastes better than the fries of a famous fast-food restaurant here in the Philippines. Definitely a must-try at Barneys Loakan.
Barneys Loakan accepts deliveries and advance orders. For inquiries, contact 0999-900-7214 for Smart subscribers and 0915-503-7912 for Globe subscribers. For more information about Barney's Loakan, like their Facebook Fanpage.


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    And sing with happy faces
    Barney shows us lots of things
    Like how to play pretend
    ABC's, and 123's
    And how to be a friend
    Barney comes to play with us
    Whenever we may need him
    Barney can be your friend too
    If you just make-believe him!I LOVE BARNEY'S BURGER! BEST EVER!


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