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Monday, October 6, 2014

Feel The Comfort of (Your Own) Sala at The Camp Baguio

After watching Maria Leonora Theresa (yes, we've watched it....hahaha! My three buddies wanted to watch Maze Runner but I've already watched it so we didn't have any other option but to watch Maria Leonora Theresa. Oh well. at least it's a way for us to support Filipino movies.), Theresa, Aaron, Blair and I decided to drop by Sala at The Camp. Located at Leonard Wood here in Baguio City, this resto-cafe is one of the newest attractions in the City Pines, and one, upon entering, can easily figure out why it was called Sala. "Sala" is a Filipino term for living room and, at Sala, "Salas" are definitely all over the place. It's like your home away from home (with beers and other stuff...lol).

Enjoying our sala + coffee+ flavored beer. In this photo: Theresa, Aaron, Blair and Yours Truly. 
The Place
Located a few minutes away from the City's central business district, Sala offers a relatively good ambiance and atmosphere. It's perfect for a Friday night-out with your barkada or friends. They have a wide parking area compared to other restos and they can be easily reached by cabs. With their different salas to choose from, you'll feel like you're at the comforts of your own home.

The Price
Pricing at Sala is pretty much the same with the other restos that I've checked  and blogged about (from Php90.00 - Php250.00).

The Customer Service
They're nice. They gladly welcomed us when we entered and we were served and treated well. They've done a good job during our stay.

How to go to Sala?
If you're from Session Road or any part of Baguio City of Benguet, tell the cab driver to bring you to Leonard Wood. Sala is located a few minutes away from Grumpy Joe, Backyard Baguio, Red Lion and 50's Diner. It's beside "Just Another Damn Good Sick Joint" which is also located at The Camp.

For more details and information about Sala at The Camp, please visit and like their official Facebook Fanpage.

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