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Monday, December 22, 2014

Zola, Goto and the Baguio Night Market Encounter

After our company's year-end kick-off party, Hipsteria, I asked Ace if we can drop by Zola because I felt the need for "some alcohol." Fortunately, he agreed.  Together with Amirah, Coach Ferdz, Coach Michelle and Deo, we left Baguio Country Club past one in the morning. Ace, Coach Michelle and dropped by at Zola located at Upper Session Road, and we, fortunately, met the Workforce Team there.

At Zola Cafe. In this photo: (clockwise) Jeff, Vic, Yours Truly, Mitch, Ces, Lester, Jean and Ace. I had fun with them. 
Unlike Ace or, perhaps, Coach Michelle, it was my first time to have "drinking session" with the Workforce Team although I've seen them multiple times at work. Jean and Vic are "runners" and I've seen them in several fun runs here in Baguio City. Lester and Coach Michelle, on the other hand, were formerly Workforce Analyst and Supervisor respectively of our account. I've never spoken with Jeff previously but I always see him in the Workforce office. It was my first time to meet Ces.

Groupie while waiting for our goto under the fly-over. In this photo: Ces, Lester, Jean, Vic, Yours Truly, Mitch and Ace. 
We had some flavored beers (given the fact that we are not heavy drinkers...lol) and after a couple hours of chatting and "joking," Jean invited us to try the "Goto" at the night market at Harrison Road. I have been here in Baguio for more than ten years but, if my memory serves me right, I haven't tried "goto" yet at the night market. I thought it's one of the best things to do before the year ends so I decided to join them. Well, I'm glad Jean mentioned it. The experience was unforgettable and it's definitely worth blogging for. The goto tasted so good! (Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the goto because my phone's battery was drained).

After eating, we decided to wander at the wagwagan area. The street is overloaded with cheap clothes, shoes, bags, etc but I could find the item I'm looking for so I went home empty-handed. Nonetheless, the experience was awesome and I had fun. (Note: Goto is a popular Filipino street food that can be served for merienda or "a pick me upper" after a drinking session. It means "beef tripe.")

Zola Resto/Cafe is located at Patria de Baguio Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City. For inquiries, please contact 074-446-5610.

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