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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Go to Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro with Minimal Expenses

Visiting a famous tourist spot in the Philippines can be expensive. Unless you're rich and you can afford almost everything, you don't need to plan very well but if you're a budget-conscious traveler, planning and "budgeting" are very important. This means you have to plan well ahead and think of ways on how you can minimize your expenses.
Overview of our expenses during our 3 days and two nights stay in Puerto Galera.
Our most recent destination is Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro. Specifically, we've visited White Beach. Known for it's pristine white beach, White Beach is frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. With the influx of these tourists, the prices of commodities in White Beach has also skyrocketed, making it a bit difficult for low-income earners to visit the place. With proper planning and budgeting though, low to average earners can visit the place without worrying about over spending.  How can you visit Puerto Galera with minimal expenses or on a tight budget? Check out my tips below:

1. Do not pre-booked a travel or tour package. Travel and tour agencies are pretty much geared toward earning and gaining profit on top of providing excellent service to its potential clients. If you go to Puerto Galera, better plan it with your friends and colleagues. Once you arrive in Puerto Galera, there are a lot of guides their who will approach you and offer you accommodation. If your reasons for prebooking is accommodation, then, you do not have to do this. 

2. Go to the public market and buy your food.  Our first day lunch and dinner in Puerto Galera was pretty much "expensive" because we didn't know that the food there is expensive. Food establishments there have tripled their price. For example, a big tilapia costs Php180.00 to Php250.00 and a cup of rice costs Php15.00. We didn't find the market on our first stay in Galera so we have to spend around Php1000.00 for dinner and lunch. The following day, we went to the market and we bought our food. We were able to save at least 75%. 
Simplicity is just so cool! In this photo: Wynn, Yours Truly and Amos. We don't need flashy clothes as long as we enjoy our trip and company.  After all, it's the experience that matters, not the clothes or what you wear. 
3. Bargain and Negotiate. Negotiating and asking for discount when traveling is not bad. Locals will set a price for you but they will eventually give in to your request especially if there are a lot of them offering you the service. 

4. Do not act like you're a tourist. If you act like a tourist, pretending to be fresh from abroad or whatsoever, then, you might end up being offered an overpriced accommodation or tour package. Act like you know the place and be friendly with the locals. Call them "sir" or "madam." Be simple. Above all, huwag maarte.

5. Do not wear flashy clothes. Remember you're not in a fashion show. You're in a beach. Wearing flashy clothes will make the locals think you have a lot of money - even if, in reality, you're broke. Do not pretend. 

So far, those are some of the pointers that I can think of right now. I can go ahead and add more some other time. By the way, watch out for additional tips on how to visit Puerto Galera on my next blog update. 

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