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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Notes from Our Puerto Galera Escapade 2015 Part I

Amos, Wynn and I left Baguio City despite the sudden drop of its temperature. The undeniably cold weather of the City of Pines could not stop us. No one can stop us. Everything has been planned and set!

Baguio to Cubao to Batangas to Puerto Galera Expedition
We left Baguio past nine in the evening via Victory Liner. Our original plan was to take a Pasay-bound bus but due to the trip schedule, we took a Cubao-bound bus instead. We paid Php445.00 for the fare and we reached our destination past three in the morning. From Victory Liner Terminal in Cubao, we walked to look for Batangas-bound buses and, fortunately, we quickly found ALPS The Bus Incorporated (I later learned that ALPS is owned by Perez family from Dagatan, Batangas). We paid Php164.50 for the fare and it took us around two to three hours to reach Batangas Port. The trip would have been shorter if not because of the stop-overs.
On our way to Batangas Port. Wynn inside an air-conditioned ALPS bus. 
We arrived at Batangas Port past six. We were approached by some locals there who told us that they were "assistants," offering us tickets to Puerto Galera. They were nice but, frankly, this annoyed me a bit because I'm pretty much sure we can manage ourselves. One of the "assistants" brought us to Father 'n Son Lines and we were offered a promo round trip ticket for only Php500.00. After careful review of the tickets offered, we paid Php1500.00 and immediately left the ticket booths. Another "assistant" approached us, asking me to give him Php90.00 for the terminal fee. I told him that we can manage ourselves and he left us. We went to the "Terminal Fee"booth and we paid the exact amount.

It's blurry. Arrival at Batangas Port. In this photo: Amost, Wynn and Yours Truly
Right after paying the terminal fee, we went to Terminal 3, where we waited for at least two hours for the White Beach Bound speed boat (I thought we're going to ride a RoRo like we did in Cebu). If my memory serves me right, we left Batangas Port past eight in the morning .

The speed boat that will bring us to Puerto Galera.
From Batangas Port, the speed boat brought us to Sabang Port. After a 10-minute stop-over at Sabang Port, we headed to White Beach. We were starving when we arrived at White Beach because it was past eleven and we haven't eaten yet.

Stop-over at Sabang Port. 

At White Beach
White Beach is one of the most visited spots in Puerto Galera because of its prestine white beach. Although I must admit that Potipot Island in Zambales and Bakhaw Beach in Camotes Island have pretty much better white sand than White Beach's, still I loved the place.

We arrived at White Beach via free shuttle provided by Father 'n Son Lines past eleven in the morning. As mentioned earlier, we were starving so when the locals met us, offering us accommodation, we told that that we want the cheapest one so we don't need to decide and brainstorm so we can eat. The lady offered us a Php1200.00/night room but we declined it. We asked for the Php1000.00/night accommodation instead. It has two big bedrooms, own C.R. with hot shower, TV with cable and an aircon.

Groufie after paying our accommodation at Cafe de Paris. 
We paid Php2000 for our three days and two nights accommodation (I later learned that the place is called "Cafe de Paris and it's owned by Mr. Roger De Paris – a french Expat). Pretty much, we've got an affordable place to stay for three days. After settling the payment, we looked for a resto where we can eat. We found White Beach Resort Resto Bar and Restaurant.

After eating, we went back to our rooms and we took a quick rest, then, we decided to swim and enjoy the hot, sunny day.

Time to get tanned. At White Beach. Yours Truly with my workmate Amos. 
With Wynn. 
We stayed at the beach for a couple of hour for two to three hours , enjoying every single view, and after some photo shoots, we went back to our room and we slept for a couple of hours.

Sunset in Puerto Galera. Photo taken by Amos. 
I was told about the fire dancing at White Beach so I made sure that my alarm clock is set to wake us up. Unfortunately, I woke up around six in the afternoon so I missed the sunset. (to be continued)

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