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Friday, February 6, 2015

Baguio's Buffet Republic: Of Disappointment and Overcooked Colli Beans and Chicken Tinola

Wynn and I decided to visit Buffet Republic a few days ago with high hopes that we will be delighted and satisfied. "Buffet"sounds good to me, and because I have visited some hotels here in Baguio offering buffet, I had high expectations that Buffet Republic will also offer the same. I was wrong - which brought me back to the old days when a friends of mine told me "do no not expect too much if you do not want to be disappointed." 

My lunch is a combination of Seafood Curry and overcooked Chicken Tinola and Colli Beans and Papaya and Fruit Salad.
Needless to say, our experience at Buffet Republic was a disappointing one - although we're happy with the customer service (especially Jamela. She's nice and she took our photo) and we were "full"when we left.
"Full"but disappointed. Wynn and I after eating. Thanks Jamela for taking our photo. 

The Disappointment
Wynn and I arrived at Buffet Republic located at the 2nd Floor of Citylight Tower (beside Baguio Centr Mall) past one in the afternoon. We were gladly greeted by one of their staff and we paid Php180.00 each for the lunch buffet. We, then, got "stamped" on our wrist and we were asked to enter. Curious as to what Buffet Republic has to offer us, we immediately went over the food displayed. If  my memory serves me right, they got Seafood Curry, Spareribs in A1 Sauce, Chicken Tinola, Dinuguan, Colli Beans with White Sauce, Kilawin, Chicken Feet and Vermicelli Soup. For dessert, they've got assorted fruits and fruit salad. I love their fruit salad - fact is, I enjoyed it so much. My disappointment was pretty much caused by overcooked Chicken Tinola and Colli Beans. I'm not trying be harshed but their Chicken Tinola and Colli Beans were "like" heated several times and served again.The tinola looked uninviting but I still eat it because I was hungry and I don't want to pay additional fees for not "consuming" what I've got.

Another thing that I didn't like which Wynn has agreed is the plate. I hope they've got better plates. It will be a lot better if they'll have white "porcelain" plates.

The Customer Service
One thing that I liked about Buffet Republic is customer service. They've got polite and accommodating staff. they are friendly and i like the "smiles" on their faces. Special thank to Jamela for taking our photo.

The Price
Php180.00 for a lunch buffet is reasonable as long as they don't have overcooked Tinola and Colli Beans. Compared to other establishment offering buffet, I think they've got the lowest and most affordable price.
Buffet Republic is on promo: Breakfast, Lunch and Merienda. 
The Location and Ambiance
Buffet Republic is accessible although the view outside is not conducive if you're goal is to relax while eating. If you're going to look at the glass window, you'll see congested houses and establishments everywhere. Buffet Republic is spacious but they need to focus on their interior design. I felt like I was just like eating at the pantry of my current workplace when we went to Buffet Republic (to my workmates: I'm sure you'll have an idea what it's like)

Inside Baguio's Buffet Republic
Inside Buffet Republic. Remember: lights can be deceiving.
Buffet Republic is located at the second floor of CityLight Tower, Bonifacio Street. Corner Dagohoy Street, Baguio City (beside Baguio Center Mall). They are open from 06:00am to 06:00 pm. As of this writing, I learned through their FB Fanpage that they have extended their promo.

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