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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bay Leaf Restaurant by Cris d' Cuisine Food Escapade

Before our scheduled “movie time,"  Amos, Wynn and I decided to eat first but food establishments at SM City Baguio were crowded so we had no choice but look for a different place where we can eat comfortably. First, we visited Patch Café located at Bloomfield Hotel but they don’t have rice – we didn’t see and we didn’t bother to ask - so we left immediately and walked further – so imagine how tired we were. We passed by the BIR building located just below DSWD and when we went up and reached the intersection, we’ve noticed a resto called Bay Leaf. I haven’t heard of Bay Leaf until that day so I asked Amos and Wynn if they’re "ok"  to eat there. Fortunately, my buddies agreed.

The Customer Service 
Except for the lady in white uniform,” (I asked her about Bay Leaf’s hours of operation but I only got a stare from her. I guess she’s an intern or she could be the owner. Good thing the other lady responded on her behalf so I got relieved. You know, it’s painful to be ignored, and to ease the pain I convinced myself that she’s new and she’s shy to respond) everyone at Bay Leaf was accommodating and nice. They were polite and they’re always “on the go” for our requests. On top of these, they also served our food quick which is just timing because we were starving. (We visited Bay Leaf February 14 of this year.)

The Food
I like their food and their serving is more than what I expected. We tried Beef Steak Overload and Butterscotch Cheese Cake.
Beaf Steak Overload costs Php158.00.
Our free dessert which is also served together with our Beef Steak Overload
Beef Steak Overload is also served with free drinks. It tasted like honey. 
Butterscotch Cheese Cake costs Php40/order.
The Price
Bay Leaf Restaurant by Chris d' Cuisine definitely offers affordable yet yummy meals - reason why I highly recommend them.
Main course, burgers and sandwiches, drinks, coffee and dessert.
Appetizers, Soups, Salads and Pasta and Noodles.
The Place
The place is quite and comfortable which is why I highly recommend it. They also have a Salad Bar where you and your friends can have "do it yourself salad" for sharing for as low as Php240.00.
Bay Leaf has red chairs. 
Bay Leaf's Salad Bar.
According to its Facebook Page, Bay Leaf Restaurant by Chris d' Cuisine is a "a game changing restaurant in the Culinary Industry that aims to satisfy its customers' passion for food by serving sumptuous combinations of Asian and Western Cuisine, freshly cooked to perfection."
We look exhausted after walking from SM to Bay Leaf. 
How to go to Bay Leaf Restaurant by Chris d'Cuisine
Bay Leaf Restaurant by Chris d' Cuisine is located at #80, Dela Cruz Building, North Drive Baguio City. From the central business district, you may hire a cab and tell them to drop you near PAG-IBIG (most noticeable landmark just in case the cab driver isn't familiar with Bay Leaf yet.) You may also ride a jeepney going to Mines View. Tell the drive to drop you at PAG-IBIG.

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