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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Great Escape to Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, Pangasinan Part II

We woke up the following day as early as four in the morning. After listening to Get Ready For It (credit song in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service) by the band Take That, I got up from my sleeping bag and went to the beach and jogged. It was a bit cold and dark. The ladies prepared our breakfast and, by six, our breakfast was all set.The bangkero and our tour guides arrived as early as seven so we invited them to join us.

Team breakfast. In this photo (l-r): Arlyn, Danica, Mia, Paul, Yours Truly, Donna, Jen, Glaiza and Gail. Photo taken by Hannah.
Breakfast with our tour guides (Balong, wearing yellow shirt) and Quezon Island staff (Kuya Ted wearing red shirt). Kuya Ted told me before we left that we can contact him again if ever we'll visit Hundred Islands again so he can prepare fresh fish for us. He was kind! 
After our breakfast, we started our activities and awarding ceremony.

It's absolutely awesome and eggsciting. Team Scarambled and Team Unbreakable showcasing their "finished product." Their goal is "not to break" the egg inside if they throw it from the third floor of the building. 
The competition has started! Team 1 with their parachute-inspired safety gear to protect their egg  is thrown away from the third floor of the building. Their egg didn't break and they  won! 
A simple yet memorable awarding and recognition activity for the team.
After the awarding ceremony, we started swimming. The sand was white and fine and the water was crystal-like. We also tried ziplining for Php100/head.

Time to swim at Quezon Island. 
Powdery white sand? Check! Clear water? Check!

First batch! We're all set for the zip lining. In this photo: Arlyn, Paul, Gail, Danica, Hannah and Yours Truly. 
Smile and the world will smile at you. That's me after ziplining. Happy? Absolutely!
After zip lining and some rest, our team left and we began with our Island Hopping. From Quezon Island, we visited Marcos Island where the cave is located.

Yours Truly at Marcos Island enjoying the clear and refreshing water. 
His name is Balong. He is our tour guide turned photographer. (Photo taken at Marcos Island)
Our team at Marcos Island. In this photo: Mia, Paul, Jen, Donna, Glaiza, Danica, Arlyn, Gail, Hannah and Yours Truly. 
The bats inside the cave located at Marcos Island. 
At Marcos Island, I realized that I forgot my Cristiano Ronaldo's (CR&) short so I asked the bangkero to bring us back to Quezon Island so I can get it back. Fortunately, the bangkero agreed and I was so happy that I got my CR7 back.  From Quezon Island, we hurdled again the rippling waves going to Cuenca Island.

A view of some of the Islands on our way to the cave at Marcos Islands. 
At Cuenco Island and Cuenco Tunnel. 
At Cuenco Island. For those who are planning to stay at this island, cottage rental is Php500.00 as of this writing. 
We stayed at the Cuenco Tunnel at Cuenco Island for a few minutes and we headed right away to the Children's Island then Governor's Island. We learned from our Balong that it's called Children's Island because of it's shallow water. Governor Island, on the other hand, has a view deck which is perfect for viewing the islands and islets.

It says "This way to the view deck area." Ziplining is also offered near the view deck area for as low as Php250.00 per head as of this writing. 
On our way to the view deck. It took us several minutes to reach the view because it's elevated and situated a few meters away above the shorline. 
As seen from the view deck. Awesome, isn't it?
Our team at the view deck. 
We left Hundred Islands past twelve in the afternoon and we reached the Alaminos Tourism Office around one. We took a bath at the shower area near the tourism office for Php10.00. Our van arrived around two and we left as soon as possible. We arrive in Baguio past five in the afternoon. By the way, I learned during our visit that the islands at Hundred Islands were named after the last name of Philippine presidents and some prominent "last names" in the Philippines. I've seen Macapagal Island, Lopez Island and Marcos Island to name a few. (Note: Big thanks to Jen and Gail for some of the photos.)

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