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Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Travel Cheap To Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan

If my memory serves me right, I think it was two months ago before our planned escapade when I read  about Cabongaoan beach in Burgos, Pangasinan being included in the top ten virgin beaches in the Philippines. Not knowing what to visit this summer and, due to my desire for something "adventurous," I invited Wynn and Amos to join me. Fortunately, they agreed.  Unfortunately, Wynn and Janelle weren't able to join us.
It's a beach! It's a virgin! It's Cabongaoan Beach!
I'll have a separate blog about our beach escapade from Cabongaoan to Tambobong Beach. For now, I'll write some tips on how to travel cheap to Cabongaoan Beach. Here they are:

1. Bring your own tent or car. From Baguio City, we reached Cabongaoan Beach past nine in the evening. We were first timers in that place and it was totally dark when we arrived. We didn't have any reservation so left with no option but to stay in a tent. Good thing I brought mine so we didn't spend anything for accommodation. We only spent less than Php200 at Cabongaoan Beach. Bringing a car also means: you've got something to sleep the entire night and you have "something" with you to take you anywhere you want to go. Getting a ride in Cabongaoan in very difficult so bringing a private vehicle will be a big advantage. In our case, we spent Php300 for the tryke fare from Burgos Plaza to Cabongaoan Beach.
Behind our tent plus breakfast at the sea. In this photo: Yours Truly and Amos. 
2. Contact Sir Ariel at 0916-496-5105. Sir Ariel lives at Cabongaon and he is very hospitable. Currently, he is making some renovations in the area where campers and travelers can stay. He can also help you get a ride. Contact him if you want to go to Cabongaoan. If he inquires where you got his number, tell him that you got it from me. Tell him that he brought us to Tambobong Beach from Cabongaoan.

Yours Truly with Sir Ariel and his son. Please contact him should you have inquries about accommodation and transporation
3. Bring your food. Although the commodities sold in Cabongaoan is cheaper that those in Puerto Galera or Boracay, I would still recommend that you bring your own food. You can also cook there. Please contact Sir Ariel for assistance.

Here's an overview of our expenses for the two nights and three days beach escapade:

Cabongaoan Beach is a pristine beach located in the town of Burgos, Pangasinan. It lies in the coastal barrio of Cabongaoan.

Update as of 032317: Cabongaoan has now a "Death Pool" or "Depth Pool." As the name suggests, the pool looks scary. It is also known as "The Death Pool of Pangasinan."


  1. Hi! Can I ask what time did leave Baguio going to Dagupan? and how many hours was the trip from Baguio to Cabo Beach. Please please reply! Thank you!

    1. Hi! We left Baguio past ten in the morning . It took us around 6 hours to reach Cabo.

  2. Great post! How long did it take you from Cabongaoan to Tambobong? I am planning to go to Cabongaoan and have a side trip to Tambobong for island hopping. Do you think 2 days & 1 night is enough? Thank you so much. -Judy, Baguio City

    1. Thanks Judii. From Cabo to Tambobong it took us roughly 30 minutes. Yes, it is enough.


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