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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Casa de Viajeros in Baler is Your Home Away From Home

There are three things that I highly consider when "travelling on a budget" and the most important is staying in a comfortable yet affordable hotel or inn. As a budget traveler, it is extremely important for me to take into consideration the "pricing" of a hotel or inn. Staying in a pricey room accommodation would definitely "eat"much of my budget and this is something that I don't want to happen. Good thing we found Casa de Viajeros in our recent three-day Baler, Aurora escapade! They've definitely made our stay in Baler memorable and affordable!

I "heart" Casa de Viajeros!  After our early morning combat with the waves, I asked Amos to take this photo for me.
Casa de Viajeros (if the Spanish I've learned back in my old UP days serves me correct) directly translates to "House of Travelers," and I'm pretty glad we've decided to stay here. It's absolutely perfect for "travelers on a budget" like us. Situated at the heart of Baler, Casa de Viajeros is accessible to the public. They offer air-conditioned rooms at reasonable prices. 

The Customer Service
Customer service is another thing that I highly consider when staying in a hotel or inn. An excellent customer service would definitely make one's stay memorable and extraordinary. Big thanks to Casa de Viajeros for the warm welcome and for their hospitality! Tita Virgie was absolutely nice and she was very accommodating. We arrived in Baler around eight in the evening and we were gladly welcomed. Tita Virgie also invited us to watch the live acoustics performance of some local bands (I learned from Tita Virgie that they have acoustics performances on Saturday nights). We were exhausted when we arrived due to the eight-hour bus ride so we were not able to watch the performance.

Thumbs up for Casa de Viajeros. In this photo: Yours Truly, the ever-nice-and-accommodating Tita Virgie of Casa de Viajero, Wynn, Ceska and Amos. 
Our Rooms
Yes, it's "rooms" because we transferred to another room on our second nightWe love the first room because it's spacious but we're pretty much happy because we've got to try other rooms offered by Casa de Viajeros. It has aircon, two beds, private C.R. and a cable-tv. Big thanks to Tita Virgie for offering us the other room.

We stayed here Day 1. Our room was spacious. There's a parking area here as well. 
Our Day 2 room accommodation. 
Bed 1. 
Bed 2. 
How to go to Casa de Viajeros
Look for this spot (see image below) in Baler, turn right and walk for at least five to ten minutes (depending on how fast you walk)  and you'll definitely find Casa de Viajeros. (If you plan to ride a tryke, as of this writing, it will cost you Php12.00/head). If you have a private vehicle and in case you don't know where the place is, I recommend that you look for the spot below.

Check "Casa de Viajeros This Way" sign. (In this photo: My travel buddy Amos and my backpack lying on the ground). 
From the "Casa de Viajeros This Way" signage, it will take you at least five minutes to reach the Casa. The place is also known to drivers as "Viyosh."

For inquiries on latest room pricing and further questions, please contact Casa de Viajeros at +63918-256-9111. Please mention you were referred by WanderingPinoy/Aris. You may also send inquiries on their Facebook Fanpage. Casa de Viajeros is a place where you, your family and/or friends can stay near Sabang Beach at affordable rates! I highly recommend that you check them out in one of your Baler escapades. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this ... my whole family and I are planning to go to Baler this Sunday. I got in touch with Baler Casa viajeros. EVen though I just texted my inquiry, I got a quick response and whoever texted me was polite and courteous. I am looking forward to our Baler trip. I couldn't agree with you more; the place where we stay during our vacation has a big impact on the whole experience.

  2. Hi Trekker Ranger! Thanks for dropping by! It's good that you have considered Casa de Viajeros. I totally agree with you that they are polite. Enjoy your vacation!


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