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Friday, May 22, 2015

Top 10 Things To Do In Baler, Aurora

Sagada is the only place here in the Philippines that I want to visit over and over again (I've been there four times and will be there anytime soon) but not until we've conquered Baler in Aurora province a few days back. Our 3-day visit there changed everything and Baler is now part of my "places to revisit" list. Undeniably, Baler is gifted with numerous natural wonders which is why I'd definitely love to go back there - alone or, perhaps, with some of my friends and travel buddies. Just perhaps. Haha!

I'll write a more detailed blog entry about our recent 3-day Baler escapade in my next article (I'll primarily focus on how to travel cheap to Baler from Baguio City) so, for now, I'd love to share some things that you can do in Baler, Aurora. Here's what I've got on my list:

1. Climb at Aniao Islets. A visit in Baler without climbing Aniao Islets would definitely be incomplete. Unless you're not into climbing, Aniao Islets is perfect for rock climbers! Amos and I tried climbing and it's definitely awesome!

Who says climbing is bad? 
 2. Ask your tour guide to take a photo of you on the edge of one of the big rocks. I tried and it's cool. At first, I was afraid but I overcame my fear. Make sure to balance yourself, otherwise, you'll fall.

Fearless! One wrong move and I'll fall. 
3. Take a selfie. Well, selfies aren't bad after all. Haha!

Amos: The selfie king. Haha!
 4. Watch sunrise at Sabang Beach and jump! You shouldn't miss this! Make sure you wake up as early as five in the morning and rush yourself to the beach.

That's yours truly at Sabang beach. 
5. Beat the waves! And pretend you are the surf board. It's cool but it's painful. Haha!

That's me after a few hours of swimming and playing with the great Sabang waves.
6. Visit Daguisit Falls. Be careful. I almost fell here. Don't forget to visit Mother Falls too.

At Daguisit Falls. In this photo: Wynn, Ceska, Yours Truly and Amos.
7. Eat "ice cream sticks" at Ermita Hill view deck. I'm pretty sure kids will love it...and adults too

Ceska enjoying her ice cream.
8. Look for this spot at Ermita Hill, climb and pretend you are Oble. Make sure you don't undress yourself. The public will be mad at you. Or I might be wrong. Haha!

Amos imitating Oble. 
9. Climb the Balete Tree and make sure you climb as if you're a kid. You can only climb 3 meters from the ground. Make sure you follow instructions.

Amos and I at the Balete. 
10. Ask your tour guide to take your family picture. Wynn and I did it and it's cool.

My "family" thousands miles away from home: Wynn and Ceska. 
11. Don't forget to smile. Because the world is beautiful.

Amos: The Sabang Beach model. Haha! Peace dude!
I can actually come up with an endless list but i'm a bit busy right now. Watch out for my blog entry about our recent Baler escapade anytime soon.

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