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Friday, April 1, 2016

Travelling On a Budget at Jomalig Island: Sample Itinerary and Expenses & My New Found Traveler Friends

Travelling needs not be expensive. Fact is, you’re Php2000.00 can bring you somewhere isolated yet beautiful and pristine– food (imagine fresh lobsters, fresh tuna and fresh salmon), round-trip sea and land transportation and environmental fee covered. See? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a lot just to be able to travel and explore the hidden gems of our beloved archipelago. You just need to be “smart,” spend wisely and choose the people you want to travel with.

Jomalig Island is gifted with golden powdery sand. Photo credit: Odie.

How I Met My New Found Travel Buddies
Early morning of March 24, my cousin and I agreed to drop by my Aunt’s place in Sison, Pangasinan, but past two in the afternoon she texted me and she told me that she couldn’t make it. So I came up with Plan B: I’ll backpack Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada-Baguio – same thing with what I did back in 2014. I was about to “finalize” plan B when I saw April’s post on our Facebook travel group and she asked if someone can join their group to Jomalig Island in Quezon province. As a “self-proclaimed” island-lover, I expressed my intention to join them and, fortunately, April confirmed that there are still slots available.

Dinner and bonfire. In this photo (l-r): Odie, May Ann, Criz, Yours Truly, April, Karlo (seated), Rick and Jeremiah. Not in photo: TJ, Gilbert and Adelle. Photo credit: Criz.
I confirmed that I’ll join and the initial plan was for me (yup, solo mode) to take a bus bound to Real, Quezon but around five in the afternoon (if my memory serves me right) April confirmed in our group chat that I can join them in the van. I was relieved and my dilemma of “commuting” and “waiting in queue” disappeared. We agreed to meet at 11:00 pm at Pioneer. It has always been my habit not to be late in meetings so I came “first” at the agreed “meeting place.” I waited for a few minutes, then TJ and Criz arrived followed by Rick, Jeremy and Adelle. Then came April and Cathy then Odie and May Ann and Gilbert and Karlo.

We left Cubao past one in the morning and we arrived at Real Port in Quezon province past four in the morning.

The Four-Hour Boat Ride
Prior to our trip, I made a little research about the expected sea travel time from Port of Real to Jomalig Island. I read that it could take four to five hours so I made sure I brought a lot of patience with me and a chessboard. Just in case you don’t know yet, I easily get bored on “long boat rides” primarily because all you see is water unlike when travelling by land. Anyhow, I got a chance to play chess with Karlo so my boredom was kinda “reduced.”
Yours Truly at Jomalig Port. Photo credit: Karlo. 
We arrived at Jomalig Island early four in the afternoon.

Sample Expenses and Itinerary
Here’s an overview of our expenses in our three days and two nights “survivor-themed” Jomalig Island expedition:

 Private Van Rental (Cubao – Real - Cubao) – Php600/person
 Passenger Boat Fare (Port of Real –Jomalig Island – Real Port) – Php700/person
 Boat Rental for Island Hopping at Jomalig Island (Php2000.00) – Php200/person
 Environmental fee – Php150.00  Barangay Fee – Php80.00
 Food (good for 3D2N includes fresh salmon, fresh tuna, fresh lobster, etc) – Php300/head
 Accommodation – Free (bring your own tent, pitching is free)

Sunrise at Jomalig. Photo credit: Karlo.
Reasons Why You Should Visit Jomalig Island
The list is endless but I came up with these:

 If you are an island-lover just like yours truly
 It’s isolated which is good if you want to run away or escape “city living”
 The locals are friendly and accommodating
 The island is gifted with golden powdery sand and crystal-like water
 It’s a perfect getaway to bond with Mother Nature
 It’s magnificent
Time to leave the island with my new found traveller friends. Not in photo: Adelle. Photo credit: May Ann.
Jomalig Island’s Spot in Map of the Philippines
Jomalig Island as seen from Wikimapia:

About Jomalig Island
Jomalig (pronounced as humalig) is a sixth class municipality, consisting of five barangays and with a population of 6,111 based on 2007 census. Gifted with golden powdery sand, it's an unspoiled island located on the easternmost part of Polilio Group.


  1. Hello, Aris! Do you have an idea of boat schedule going to Jomalig? Any contact person that you can refer us, please? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the query. Unfortunately, I don't have.


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