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Thursday, October 12, 2017

How I Explored Coron, Palawan for Three Days and Two Nights for Less Than Php4000.00

Like I always say, travelling needs not be expensive, and when I say expensive I’m talking about Php5000+ for a domestic escapade. Contrary to what majority think, we don’t actually need to shell-out thousands of “pesoses” to explore the hidden gems or the top tourist attractions of our beloved archipelago. In fact, a paradise-like place like Coron can be “explored” for three days and two nights for as low as Php4000 - including airfare, food, hotel accommodation and tour package. Amazing, isn’t it?

Kayangan Lake in Coron. Nestled into the mountains' walls, Kayangan Lake was dubbed "the cleanest lake in the Philippines." 

Here’s how I managed to “explore” Coron for three days and two nights for less than Php4000.00:

1. Watch out for airfare sales and promos. This is a must if you want to travel cheap. Major airlines in the Philippines often offer seat sales on major Philippine Holidays so mark these dates on your calendar or sign-up or subscribe to their newsletters and promotions. Air Asia, a low-cost airline in the Philippines, offers exclusive 24-hour advance/priority booking to its Big Shot members so make sure you avail yourself of this membership. Membership is free. Cebu Pacific, my favorite airline because of their on-board trivia/games, also offers GetGo membership where one can enjoy free flights by redeeming his/her earned points. In my case, for example, I redeemed my GetGo points for my Coron trip and, luckily, got my round trip plane tickets for only Php870. Click here to sign-up with CebPac’s GetGo. For Philippine Airlines, I noticed that their fare drops three weeks before the scheduled trip. For ezample, if you and your friends are planning to visit Legazpi in Bicol on November 4th, try booking from October 8th to October 14th.

2. Book your plane tickets ahead of your scheduled escapade. This is the best alternative if you’re a bit impatient or you’re too busy to wait for airfare sales. I recommend three to six months advanced booking. Or even a year.

Yours Truly at the Green Lagoon. One can definitely enjoy a refreshing "splash" here. 

3. Be friendly with other travelers.
Because you don’t only gain new friends or expand your network if you’re friendly but you also get someone whom you can share the burden of paying, for example, pricey boat rides. My usual how-to-start-a-conversation-with-other-travelers is “Where are you from?” Their usual response is “I’m from . How about you?” To date, my favorite are Europeans – particularly Scottish, German and British travelers - because they are friendlier than other travelers.

4. Stay in low-cost yet comfortable hotel. Unless you’re a great fan of “staycation,” this not is suitable for you. But if you’re a frugal traveler, then, you’re in the right place. Always remember that staying in a costly hotel will definitely “eat” your budget. Remember: you traveled to explore and not to sleep. For affordable and discounted hotel rates, I strongly recommend TravelBook,ph. Click here to sign-up with them and start earning points!

5. Travel like local. Don’t be too flashy. If you travel like a local, chance is they will not overcharge you. Or learn saying “Sagmamano daytoy (Ilocano) or “Tagpira ini (Bicol) instead of saying “Kuya, how much is this po?” Although this is not a prerequisite, I’m pretty sure a little bit of “local tongue” when dealing with the locals will increase the likelihood of you getting discounts.

6. Stick to your budget. Sticking to your budget when travelling is essential to avoid overspending. Don’t buy “pasalubong” unless you’ve allotted “some budget” for it. Don’t worry, “no pasalubong” doesn’t necessarily mean “friendship over.”

Here’s an overview of my expenses:

Round Trip
Bus Fare
Dau - Clark Airport
Jeepney Fare
Terminal Fee
TF at Clark Airport
Bought at Clark Airport Boarding Area
Tour A Package
Discounted price courtesy of Mariel
Town Proper Tour
Hotel (1st night)
Discounted price courtesy of TravelBook
Hotel (2nd night)
Discounted price courtesy of TravelBook

Ice Candy
Sold at CYC Island
Ice Cream


Grand Total


I can actually come-up with additional tips but the six are the most helpful – based on my experience. You can also come-up with a list on how to travel cheap and experiment whichever works best for you. Good luck and safe travels!

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