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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Budget Trip to The Park Surfing Camp in Real, Quezon

Our original plan was to visit Punta de Fabian in Tanay, Rizal but because of the fact that we didn’t have any reservations and the resort was fully-booked, we ended-up traveling to Real, Quezon which, I guess, was also a blessing in disguise because I prefer “beaches” instead of “pools.” And just like my previous escapades, this trip is also budget-friendly (we only spent less than Php2000.00) and worth blogging for.

Here are some of the photos taken during our escapade (grabbed from my Instagram):

At Balagbag Falls.
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The Park is a great place for camping, salt and fresh water swimming or just relaxing. Bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, south by the Tignoan River and west by the Sierra Madre Mountains, makes it ideal for all kinds of outdoor recreation activities. The Balagbag Falls and Tignoan River Rafting are only a few minutes away from the PaRK. Enjoy surfing at the river mouth, beach break or north shore. Try paddle boarding or kayaking in the river or on the surf. Best of all, the seafood market is only a kilometer away.

Fees details below:
  • Entrance fees: P35/day(6am to 6pm) for adults and P25/day for kids(12y/o and under). P50/night for adults; P40/night for kids. 
  • Tent Rentals: P500/tent/night. 
  • Tent Pitching: P50/small tent or hammock (1-2pax); P100/med tent (3-4 pax); P150/large tent (5 pax above). 
  • Picnic Huts: Medium P400/day(P700/night); Large P700/day(P1000/night). 
  • Beach House: P8,000/night (C/In 1PM - C/Out 11am. 
  • Surfboard rentals P200/hr 
  •  Kayak rentals P250/hr

The Pacific Recreation Kamp or the PaRK is located at Hwy 601, Km 115, Brgy Tignoan Real, Quezon. 

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